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Hornets sign Mitch Kupchak to multiyear contract extension

The Hornets keep the architect of the current roster around for the next few seasons.

Charlotte Hornets Introduce Draft Picks - Presser Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

The Charlotte Hornets have given General Manager Mitch Kupchak a multiyear contract extension. He has been with the team for four seasons now. He is responsible for every player currently on the roster. This move solidifies his place as he seeks out the team’s next head coach.

Kupchak had a media availability session after the news was reported and answered a few interesting question.

  • He said James Borrego did a great job but the team felt it was best to bring in another voice to help take the team to the next level. It was a very long, deliberate decision making process. He seemed a bit heartbroken that he felt he had to make that decision.
  • The team is close to narrowing down its list of head coaching candidates and hopes to have a new one in place within the next two weeks or so, or at least by the draft.
  • He is still looking to inject more talent into the team
  • Referred to the draft picks as “good currency” and that they might not necessarily use both. Alluded to the roster getting cluttered.
  • Has a lot of confidence in players already on the roster to fill perceived weaknesses in the lineup
  • Said the team’s intention is to keep Miles Bridges long term (shocking)
  • He has not consulted with any of the players on the roster about the head coaching staff
  • He remains high on the players drafted last year and wishes they played more during the course of last season. They are all expected to play in Summer League.
  • Coaching experience factors into the decision to hire a new head coach and is appealing for a team trying to make a leap, but they are still almost as likely to hire a first time head coach if they think that’s the best decision