If Charlotte Hornets plan to make a real postseason run, LaMelo Ball must lead the way


No matter what happens Sunday in Charlotte’s regular-season finale, we know a couple of things for certain. First, the Hornets are going to be in the play-in tournament. Again. Second, LaMelo Ball is going to be better in the postseason this time around, and because of that the Hornets have a better chance to make it last longer. What Ball has done in the past two Charlotte games has been superb, as the Hornets (42-39) have pulled off back-to-back wins to ensure their first winning season since 2015-16. They’ve also guaranteed that Sunday’s 3:30 p.m. game will mean something to them, as they vie for the chance to host a play-in game (teams 7-10 in the Eastern Conference make the play-in tournament; two will emerge to make the actual playoffs). UK citizens who want to watch Rugby World Cup live online free can opt for ITV. All 48 matches can be streamed on ITV's TV Player.