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2022 NBA Draft primer and open thread

Talk about your last minute draft musings here

2021 NBA Draft Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

The big day is here. Surely plenty of rumblings and other transactions are going to break today in the leadup to the draft at 8:00 Eastern tonight. Of course if anything Charlotte Hornets-related happens, that’ll get its own dedicated post. But you can use this space to talk about all the other stuff that happens as it happens.

As for the Hornets and the draft as it stands, they are slated to pick 13th, 15th, and 45th. If you’re trying to be very meticulous about your planning for tonight, the 13th pick was made around 9:20pm eastern time last season. The 15th pick would obviously be about 10 minutes later. The 45th pick was made right before midnight eastern last year.

When we do get to draft time, as a reminder, we do not spoil picks in the thread until they are announced on TV. Don’t try to be a Woj or a Shams. That includes cryptic stuff like “oh you guys aren’t going to believe this pick...” type of stuff to. Comment as it happens and make fun of all the teams doing weird stuff, but don’t spoil the suspense for those that may not want it spoiled.

This is now an open thread!