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ATH Podcast: The holidays are over and the Hornets are still losing

We ring in the new-ish year with some Hornets talk.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have continued to lose since we last talked. We do our best to have engaging conversations about a season that has gone nowhere fast. Here’s what we talk about:

  • A conversation about the Hornets shooting metrics and their inability to make shots
  • The Hornets defense is surprisingly bad in conjunction with their woeful offense
  • The musical chairs continue on the injury report with the returns of Dennis Smith Jr. and Cody Martin and the departures of Kelly Oubre and Gordon Hayward
  • The effect of Oubre’s injury on his trade value
  • Mark Williams’ play now that he’s getting regular rotation minutes
  • A routine checkup on LaMelo Ball’s greatness
  • Buzzin’ and wuzzn’t featuring everyone’s favorite Hornet
  • Mason Plumlee’s hall of fame company
  • Chase is old and washed
  • What we’re rooting for going forward and the idea of tanking


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