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ATH Podcast: Hornets trade deadline extravaganza episode

The Hornets got second round picks yo!

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline has come and gone and boy howdy was it a doozy. The Charlotte Hornets made a couple of trades and got back some second round picks for their troubles. On this episode:

  • The Hornets had a trade deadline
  • Jalen McDaniels was traded to the 76ers for a couple of second round picks, and it seems like the Hornets just threw their hat into a ring that didn’t need their hat
  • The reason PJ Washington is likely seen as a more valuable asset and the role his restricted free agency plays in that
  • Mason Plumlee was sent to the Clippers in exchange for a 2028 second round pick, which is a strangely low return given what the Hornets original reported asking price was and the supposed demand for his services
  • The ramifications of each trade on the Hornets rotation going forward
  • Other trades around the league that affected the market for Hornets players
  • Recapping the trade deadline as a whole and the silliness of Kyrie Irving
  • The trade deadline of players returning to former teams
  • Winners and losers
  • Second round picks are NBA cryptocurrency


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