Continuity of Unexellence

This is an outlandish, absurd feeling that is likely baseless, invalid, and holds not a single ounce of truth to it. There's no way I'm alone, we've all been in some dark places with this team over the past few years. This is not a dig at the player, more so the organization's continuity of unexcellence, or whatever the opposite of excellence is. Here it is:

Watching LaMelo gives me "The Ick." I don't think he's bad. I think he's a fantastically stupendous basketball player. However, this is his 3rd year. Obviously Jordan gives him the rookie max, but then what? As of now, there's not a lot from Kai or Bouknight, Hayward will be out, Rozier will be out, Kelly Oubre is here for some reason....what else happens? With the way luck falls, they'll get the fifth pick and a lesser Thompson twin (who I'm sure is a fine young fella but not exactly the belle of the ball). I don't see how the pieces fit with each other if the talent isn't developing.

Again, I understand I am overreacting to a 21 year old star, but his offensive rating is back to his rookie level, and his defensive rating is atrocious. Right now, I have moments where I'm looking at Wonka machine'd Trae Young, and I can't say I love it. Can this team do anything with him within 3 years? Probably not! But I have no clue what the solution is!

Brain is scrambled, Hornets still bad, time is a flat circle. Thoughts?

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