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Miles Bridges “might be back in March”

Bridges spoke during the Michigan State vs Indiana game on Tuesday night.

Charlotte Hornets v Atlanta Hawks - Play-In Tournament Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Charlotte Hornets free agent forward spoke with Larry Lage of the Associated Press during halftime of the Michigan State/Indiana game on Tuesday night. In that conversation, he revealed that he may be back in the league sometime in March.

Bridges pleaded No Contest to charges of felony domestic violence back in November. The plea meant no jailtime for Bridges, but he is subject to three years probation that entail weekly drug testing, parenting classes, domestic violence counseling, and community service. The plea also means the legal side of the situation is over with assuming Bridges can stick to the terms of his plea.

Bridges’ comments imply that the NBA’s investigation into his situation is almost complete. He hasn’t played all season while the investigation has run its course, and it remains to be seen if the NBA will impose further discipline on Bridges on top of all the games he’s missed and not been paid for up to this point.