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At the Hive Podcast

ATH Podcast: The holidays are over and the Hornets are still losing

We ring in the new-ish year with some Hornets talk.

ATH Podcast: The season is not going well

Things have fallen apart since we last talked.

ATH Podcast: Making sense of the Hornets 3-5 start

We’re weirdly optimistic about the Hornets less than stellar start to the season.

At the Hive Podcast: Preseason recap and regular season preview

We have a podcast hot off the presses to get you ready for the start of the season.

ATH Podcast: Charlotte Hornets Summer League recap and thoughts on Steve Clifford

We put a bow on summer league and share our thoughts on the Hornets new head coach.

ATH Podcast: Hornets 2022 NBA Draft preview show

We recorded a podcast to talk about the Hornets draft.

Podcast: Midseason review

The break is here. Let’s catch up.

Podcast: Game cancellations, centers, small ball, NBA expansion

The Hornets have lost three straight, but there are good things to talk about.

Podcast: LaMelo Ball is the truth and the Hornets are finding their way

The Hornets are now 6-5 and they have the best rookie in basketball.

Podcast: Press conferences, schedule release, win totals

We get caught up on all the odds and ends heading into the start of the preseason.

Podcast: Reviewing all of the Hornets 2020 draft picks

The Hornets knocked this draft out of the park, so it’s a lot of fun to talk about.

Podcast: Draft, Russell Westbrook rumors, and City uniforms

The draft is on Wednesday, and there’s a lot to talk about.

Podcast: Draft prospects, uniforms, and NASCAR

The Hornets got new uniforms, Michael Jordan got a new team, and it’s still draft season.

Podcast: Analyzing possible targets for the Hornets with the third pick

The Hornets jumped up to the third pick in the lottery, and that narrows our window of prospects to scout.

Podcast: From Adam Morrison to Michael Jordan

We found basketball stuff to talk about.

Podcast: Chase joins us to talk about the draft

Chase slaved over a mock draft that was posted on here the other day. Now he gets to speak about it.

Podcast: Talking more about basketball than the coronavirus

You can’t find very many of these right now.

Podcast: Talking Hornets while they try to beat the Bucks

We recorded most of this during the fourth quarter of Hornets vs Bucks

Podcast: Trade deadline spectacular

The Hornets did nothing at the deadline, but we still have plenty to talk about.

Podcast: The Hornets are coming back to Earth and trade szn

The Hornets are suddenly losing almost all of their games.

Podcast: The Hornets make no sense

It’s been 31 games and we still don’t know what’s going on here.

Podcast: Devastating losses and crazy schedule changes

We’ve got a jam packed show to make up for last week’s absence.

Podcast: The Raptors ruined the Hornets’ buzz

The Hornets were riding high after a couple buzzer beaters before the Raptors had to go and rain on their parade.

Podcast: Were the Hornets good before they played the Celtics?

The Hornets were riding high after a three game winning streak, but that all ended against the Celtics.

Podcast: The Hornets are bad, but boy are they fun

We have our first set of real games to talk about.

Podcast: The fake basketball is over

The Hornets have finished their preseason slate, so it’s time to get ready for meaningful basketball.

Podcast: We’re back for season two

After some time off, the At the Hive podcast is back to grace your ear drums.

Podcast: Free agency sadness

A lot of faces are changing teams, and none of it is good for the Hornets.

Podcast: The Hornets drafted three new players

We discuss the draft and the Hornets picks.

Podcast: Who oh who should the Hornets draft?

We’re joined by special guest Laieke Abebe to talk about the Hornets’ options at the twelfth pick.

Podcast: Offseason plans to fix the Hornets

We lay out some offseason ideas for the Hornets now that we know their draft slot.

Podcast: Drafting and voting on all time Charlotte Hornets teams

We construct our all time Hornets teams via a snake draft.