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Bobcats player season reviews: 2012-2013

With the season in the books, here are the Rufus On Fire individual player reviews.

Season review: Mike Dunlap

Rufus on Fire's staff gives their takes and individual grades on Mike Dunlap's first and last season as head coach of the Bobcats.

Player Review: Jannero Pargo

Jannero Pargo spent about a fifth of the season with the Charlotte Bobcats, or about the same time it takes most people to spell his name correctly without googling it. Pesky double-consistents.

Player Review: Reggie Williams

Want to know what a player can accomplish in 380 minutes? Read this review of Reggie Williams' 2012-2013 season!

Player Review: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist fought through an up-and-down rookie season, but finished strong. Do we know enough yet to have any idea of what he can become?

Player review: Jeff Adrien and Tyrus Thomas

Tyrus Thomas was all about that suit and tie life while Jeff Adrien preached the grit and grind lifestyle. Oh yeah, they also played some basketball or something this season and I'm here to talk about it.

2013 Player Review: Kemba Walker

In his sophomore affair, Kemba Walker managed to increase his effectiveness from every dimension of the game. But he's still got a long way to go.

Player Review: Jeff Taylor

Straight out of Sweden! I mean New Mexico. I mean Tennessee. I don't know, Jeff Taylor was pretty good this year.

2013 Player review: Brendan Haywood

Brendan Haywood's first season with the Bobcats was a weird one, to say the least. Haywood started off as a high minutes player but as the season went along his numbers decreased until his eventual season ending injury.

Player review: Bismack Biyombo

How did Bobcats sophomore Bismack Biyombo perform this year and what is his future?

Player review: DeSagana Diop

How did the Bobcats' constant reminder of shame play this season? Hint: BAD.

Player review: Byron Mullens

Byron Mullens was a major determinant of the Bobcats' offensive efficiency. When he did good things, so did the Bobcats. When he didn't, they sputtered? Here is how the Bobcats can get the most out of Mullens.

Player review: Ben Gordon

You know what? Ben Gordon gave inconsistent effort here and there this season!

Player review: Ramon Sessions

A look back at Ramon Sessions' debut season with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Player review: Josh McRoberts

McRoberts had a very positive impact on the Bobcats upon joining them at the trade deadline. Read on to find what he did well and what he didn't.

Player review: Gerald Henderson

Gerald Henderson has been a key player for the Bobcats. What was his season like?