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2013 NBA Draft preparation

Where to prepare for the upcoming draft with your Bobcats-centric analysis.

Analyzing the Cody Zeller pick

How well does Cody Zeller fit on the Bobcats? With his physical abilities and offensive versatility, he could become a nice piece to add to the Bobcats' future but his reluctance to be physical in the paint is worrisome.

Bobcats draft Cody Zeller

The Charlotte Bobcats have drafted Cody Zeller with the fourth overall pick.

Kemba drafts Anthony Bennett in ESPN mock draft

In ESPN's player-led draft, Kemba Walker represents the Bobcats and takes Anthony Bennett at No. 4.

Rufus on Fire pre-draft open thread

Want to talk about draft prospects or draft rumors or whatever? Here you go!

Bobcats interested in Len, Zeller at No. 4

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Bobcats are interested in Alex Len and Cody Zeller with the fourth pick.

Rufus on Fire mock drafts, part II

Three more Rufus on Fire writers break down their thoughts on the top ten picks of the draft.

Rufus on Fire mock draft, part I

In the first part of our blog's mock drafts of the top ten, Ben, Josh and Derek give their predictions.

How the draft plays into ongoing culture change

The Bobcats have continued to try to instill a massive culture change since their awful lockout season by hiring a Steve Clifford and will try to continue that with the upcoming draft. But who fits?

Draft workout tumbleweeds, Len & Zeller visiting

With so many injuries to top frontcourt prospects, the Charlotte Bobcats haven't been scheduling workouts (yet, at least), but Alex Len and Cody Zeller will visit

Top backcourt prospects: Trey Burke

Michigan's Trey Burke is one of the most skilled offensive players in the NBA Draft. Will those skills be shown in Charlotte?

Should the Bobcats trade their pick?

In a weak draft, maybe the Bobcats shouldn't keep their pick. What's out there for them, anyway?

Top Frontcourt prospects: Cody Zeller

Will Zeller's offensive abilities be enough for Charlotte to select him with the #4 pick or will they look in another direction?

Top backcourt prospects: Otto Porter

Otto Porter made a splash his final year at Georgetown becoming the primary scorer on the team and establishing himself as a top 5 player. The Bobcats could always use more scoring wingmen but is Porter a good fit for the team?

Top backcourt prospects: Victor Oladipo

Oladipo's athletic ability and efficiency are unmatched in the 2013 NBA Draft. Is he the real deal?

Top frontcourt prospects: Alex Len

Alex Len, the 19-year sophomore out of Maryland, possesses the athleticism, skill and motor to be an elite player in the NBA. So why isn't he considered a sure thing?

Top backcourt prospects: Ben McLemore

With Gerald Henderson facing an uncertain future with the Charlotte Bobcats, Rufus on Fire takes a look at one of the best backcourt prospects in this year's draft.

Top frontcourt prospects: Rudy Gobert

Could the Frenchman with incredible height and long limbs be the guy the Bobcats need to help control the paint?

Ben's NBA draft big board best and worse cases

I've got you covered with 10 of this draft's top prospects' best and worse case scenarios.

Top frontcourt prospects: Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett out of UNLV is projected by many to go 4th in the draft to the Bobcats. How does he fit?

Top frontcourt prospects: Nerlens Noel

With the Bobcats seriously lacking in frontcourt talent, they might look to the draft to fill their need. Nerlens Noel is slated to be a top pick, so let's take a look at what he does and doesn't do well.