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Looking back at 2016

Reinis Laacis looks back on the Charlotte Hornets' 2015-16 season.

Looking back at Marvin Williams posting up smalls

Marvin Williams was the league's second most productive post player in the 2015-16 regular season. The 11-year veteran recorded 1.16 points per possession in the post by bullying any smaller player matched up against him.

Looking back at Jeremy Lamb's uneven defense

Despite ranking sixth in the league among shooting guards in defensive real plus-minus, Jeremy Lamb tends to be spotty on defense. What are his main flaws and how good is he overall?

Looking back at Nicolas Batum's up-and-down defense

Nicolas Batum had a great season for the Charlotte Hornets. However, we also need to acknowledge the stints of his careless and poor defense.

Looking back at Lin's recovery and weakside blocks

With 130 blocks total in the last four years combined, Jeremy Lin is among the best shot blockers ever for his size. Lin even recorded a career-high 42 shots blocked shots for the Hornets in the 2015-16 season.

Looking back at Al missing chippies and dunking

Al Jefferson's field goal percentage near the rim has dropped quite low the last two seasons. A barrage of missed chippies only has highlighted that. Yet, in the meantime, Big Al somehow had his dunking-est year for the Hornets as well.

Looking back at Kemba Walker's pull-up threes

Back in 2014-15 Kemba Walker was the third worst pull-up 3-point shooter in the league. The point guard revised his shooting form during the summer, burned any defender who went under the screen on him and made the fourth most pull-up 3s in 2015-16.

Looking back at Batum - Zeller pick-and-rolls

Cody Zeller ranks 5th in the league for the 2015-16 season in points per possession (1.22) as the roll man in the pick-and-roll. The big man can thank Nicolas Batum for that, without whom on the court Zeller's field goal percentage drops by 8.2%.

Looking back at Spencer Hawes's bounce passes

Hawes ranks among the league's best big man passers of the 2015-16 season. His offensive awareness and soft hands can especially be highlighted on the numerous bounce pass connections he made with guards when working from the elbow and the post.

Looking back at Clifford disrupting opponent plays

Numerous things point to the great job Steve Clifford and his coaching staff have done with the Charlotte Hornets. One of them, albeit a small nugget, is the way coach Clifford is ready to navigate his players through opponent out-of-bounds plays.