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Diss Raps

Bobcats vs Heat, Game 3 diss rap

If the diss rap today is any indication, the Bobcats are going to beat Miami so bad they'll give Charlotte 4 wins and end the series.

Bobcats vs Heat, Game 2 diss rap

Game 1 was a dud, but if Game 2's rhymes are any indication, the Bobcats are about to destroy Miami.

Bobcats vs Clippers diss rap

Bobcats vs Jazz diss rap

Bobcats vs Lakers diss rap

Bobcats vs Pacers diss rap

Bobcats vs Magic diss rap

the Bobcats vs Magic rap gets a very special guest star from Ben's roommate.

Bobcats vs 76ers diss rap

Bobcats vs Mavs diss rap

Bobcats vs Bucks diss rap

Bobcats vs Celtics diss rap

Bobcats vs Suns diss rap

Bobcats vs Nets diss rap

The other New York team wants some beef and Ben's got the rhymes to put them back in the

Bobcats vs Heat diss rap

Bobcats vs Hawks diss rap

Ben forays into narrative fiction rap in today's Bobcats vs Hawks diss rap

Bobcats vs Knicks diss rap, pt 2

New York shall crumble beneath our rhymes

Bobcats vs Raptors diss rap

Forget Drake, the Bobcats should make us their ambassadors.

Bobcats vs Knicks diss rap

Sorry, Kendrick, New York isn't your city either. It's ours.

Bobcats vs Cavs diss rap

Get all the top picks you need, we'll still beatcha in a rap battle

Bobcats vs Rockets pregame diss rap

The best NBA rappin' that'll keep your hands clappin'.

Pregame Diss Rap vs Cavaliers

For the last pregame diss rap of the season, Ben and Dac take on the city of Cleveland with ease.

Pregame diss rap vs Knicks

Pregame diss rap vs Pistons

The Motor City gets run over in our diss rap today

Pregame diss rap vs Grizzlies

Pregame diss rap vs Brooklyn Nets

Pregame diss rap vs Miami Heat

Rhyming fun and photoshopping Erik Spoelstra

Pregame diss rap vs 76ers

Pregame diss rap vs Bucks

Pregame diss rap: "Fresh Princes of Despair"

We took Will Smith's classic and tweaked it for the Philadelphia 76ers theme song.

Pregame diss rap vs Knicks

Clyde isn't the only one who can rhyme and dime

Bobcats vs Magic pregame diss rap

Pregame diss rap vs Raptors

These raps are better than poutine.